EZTV Blocked in the UK

Not for long

I made this site to help people access both EZTV and The Pirate Bay. For those who live in the UK, the normal website addresses won’t work, thanks to the courts. Having passed a new law forcing internet providers to block access to EZTV.IT, just as they did with TPB, but it isn’t a problem. 

Since the UK can’t go directly to these sites, just make a pit stop in a different country, where EZTV isn’t banned, and you can access it that way, also known as a proxy server. I will post working proxy servers here and keep it updated so people will always be able to access EZTV with ease. The Pirate Bay also uses an automated proxy version when you click on their site, but EZTV has yet to follow suit. However, you can access all the files available at EZTV at TPB by simply searching “EZTV” then rearrange by uploaded time. Although, TPB has now become pop-up central so it’s not an ideal solution. There is also the option to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) but they cost money and that defeats the purpose of obtaining free stuff! For those who aren’t aware of how to use a proxy, I will provide a brief guide for Chrome. If you want to use another browser then just ask Google for instructions, however, Chrome is easiest in my opinion. The Internet Proxy below is easy, just type in the URL, EZTV.IT and it will take you to the site, might take a couple of attempts.


It WILL take a few attempts to find one that works, but don’t give up. I can’t post specific proxies here because they will just get shut down by the ISP’s. I can give the best links to constantly updating proxy lists and there will be many that give access to the banned EZTV site. Once you find a working, fast one take a note of it and try not to advertise it anywhere, the less people use it the longer it will work.

Blocking EZTV in the UK has to be the most pointless thing I can think of. China tried to block people from using Facebook and that didn’t work. I bet the judges who made the decision still can’t figure out how to open an email. LOL. Please Tweet and Facebook this site so more people can fight the power!

On the left is the website The Pirate Bay set up that lets people click on the image of a ship and it will automatically generate a proxy for you, allowing you to access their site with ease.

Chrome Proxy Guide

1. Go to Chrome settings, the icon on the top right of the screen.

2. At the bottom of the settings screen click on “show advanced settings”

3. Scroll down to “Network” and click on “change proxy settings”

4. Click on “LAN Settings”

5. Check the box that says “Use proxy server for LAN”

6. Enter the proxy and port you got from the proxy list website.

Proxy Process
Useful Information about Proxies
Fight the Power of EZTV Block

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